an "ah-ha" moment...

Hi everyone! Sorry for not keeping up with posting here on IFW. As you can probably tell from my lack of posts, i've also been lacking with leading a healthier lifestyle. I got very busy it seems with who knows what really, and as a result (at least I think so) I ended up getting sick last week. What can I say? Sometimes you fall off that healthy path, only to start freshly inspired again when all else fails. I definitely got thinking about some things though...

Last week I learned a colleague has taken up a position at Burt's Bees (congrats to her!) and it got me thinking about their products again. I'm a big fan of their lip balms, especially the one with peppermint. I also got into a conversation with another colleague about Arbonne cosmetics, which lead to a discussion about beauty products in general.

Yesterday I counted that I use about 30 beauty products on any given day. This includes things like cleanser, toner, moisturizer, eye-cream, toothpaste, deodorant, pressed powder, blush, eyeliner, mascara, lip balm, lip gloss, perfume, lotion, hairspray, shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, etc., etc., etc. It adds up quick (I encourage you to count your own). The thing is, except for my Burt's Bees lip balm, not one of these products are natural. Not one. They all have some form of chemical, petroleum, word-i-can't-even-begin-to-pronounce ingredient in them. All these products are said to be safe to use because the toxic ingredients in them are in small enough amounts to not harm an individual (according to the people who approve these products for us), but remember my count? I use a combination of around 30 of the these products every day, some twice, with a morning and night routine. I've been using these things my whole life. Of course, I wasn't using all the cosmetic-type products when I was younger, but those Lipsmackers I applied practically 30 times a day in elementary school aren't looking so great right now.

Is this at all concerning to anyone? Because if you pair this thought with all the processed food, non-organic, pesticide-laden produce we've been eating, plus the overall polluted state of the world right now, it seems a little concerning to me. It's sort of a really obvious, "that's why we have so many health issues" kind of moment.

I'm not about to ditch all my beauty products at once. That would be ridiculous, and frankly, i'm not about to head out into the world without my morning beauty routine. But, I am definitely going to start switching over. Little by little, and as each of my current products run out, i'm going to try and replace them with something as close to natural as I can possibly find. The world of finding actual real, natural, products is a little overwhelming and confusing at times though. I did a little research already, and some will be a lot harder to find than others, but when I do find a product I like i'm going to share it here. Burt's Bees is already looking promising with a lotion i'll post about soon.

So what do you think? Does this topic have you debating your favourite lip gloss? Or could you not care less, as long as the product works for you? I'm interested to see what others think...

Photos: Scans by myself, Whole Living Aug 2010 by Johnny Miller


Edie said...

yes, i thought about switching to purely organic products myself.... but am concerned that they might not work that well. i just bought skin care to help me getting rid of my eye bags, so let's see if it works, if not then i will switch.

best wishes,

Karyn McKinnon said...

I'm glad you're back! I love reading & checking out the images in your posts.

I'd have to say that we should all care! If the whole point of applying makeup onto our face and lathering ourselves in pretty smelling body washes & lotions to look good (and feel better), then what happens when these so called beauty products are harming our skin & hair to make us look worse? I myself have sensitive skin and a lot of products actually agitate that condition more than they help, not to mention the amounts of packaging they come in and that most end up in a garbage bag. When 1 person is using about 30 items each day it's going to add up to impact the environment too.

I totally believe that the cosmetic companies should be creating products that not only are health conscious but do the job because the reason we don't want to spend more money on one that is labeled organic this or that is because we're use to what we've always purchased.

Now I want to go and edit out my makeup collection to what I need and little by little seek out those healthy beauty products because I know it will make me feel even better wearing it!

Thanks for posting! :)


andrea despot said...

um, wow! i had not even thought about all those tiny little products adding up! like you said, it seems so obvious now! the only natural product i use is my burt's bees too. i recently saw neutrogena's new line of natural cleansers so i'll try those when my current stuff runs out. the only problem i would have with going all-natural would be how much more expensive the products would be.

thanks for opening my eyes!

Miz.November said...

Very valid points. This is something that I have tried over time. However, I tend to default back to my old ways due to convenience and price. I will say that Etsy is a great place to find natural products made with care, including makeup!

Nicole Franzen said...

beautiful photos :)

Sarah Klassen said...

This is such a huge topic and I'm so glad that you're covering it. I quite agree, and switching my dailies over is a big priority on my list right now.

Food wise, I'm pretty good. Mostly organics and local products, if I can. I am taking 2 natural oils per day -- fish and olive leaf.

Beauty wise, I am switching to Belmondo products for my skincare routine. (David and I did her design work) She is all organic, local, and olive oil based. (and her name is Daniela, and is Italian, oddly enough!) My shampoo seems okay. It's Italian so I'm not sure, but it seems to be better than others I was using. Soap wise, I use a natural soap, but toothpaste wise, not. I need to switch. Makeup wise, it's all Lancome, except for my MAC bronzer. I am not sure about switching my makeup, though -- that's a toughie! Let me know if you come across any makeup solutions :)


Sophie said...

This has really got me thinking!!!!! please post on yoru discoveries. I would love to learn about products I could switch too!

Moois & meer said...

I am also busy with finding the right and natural (beauty)products. I started with visiting the organic supermarket and now i will do the same as you write in your blog. When I run out of toothpaste or othr things I will look for a organic one and so on. I like your blog and am very curious what kind of organic products you will find more. good luck!

April Robinson said...

wow i definitely agree with everything you're saying here! i also use sooo many things at least twice a day and i never even stopped to think about how many chemicals there are in them! wow! and i'm soooo SHOCKED about the baby lotion thing you said in either this post or a previous one! this is motivating me to start doing the same! it will be hard to give up my favorite MAC makeup though :(