week 2 + "um, what?"

Week 2 of the Whole Living Action Plan is officially here! This week is still about purifying but gradually adding back in foods like wheat, dairy, and soy. Still no sugar, processed foods, alcohol, or too much fruit juice, which frankly, I think i'm going to try and continue best I can as the year continues. It's been going well, with a lot of yummy meals made last week, which i'll share soon... along with more stretching and exercising, including core and arm toners, and working up from walking to jogging. I think the best part about this whole plan is that you don't hit the ground running. Gradually working up to jogging, and then running is such a great way to ease yourself into it all.

As I mentioned before when I first started taking yoga, I really wanted to work towards feeling less tense from sitting at my desk all day. I've been taking an hour-long yoga class on Wednesdays and doing the Whole Living yoga stretches each morning. Well today, as the afternoon slump hit, I decided it was time to get up and move around a bit, so I took a few minutes to do some stretches. When I reached down to try and touch my toes, I realized something... my legs are straight, and i'm touching the floor in front of my toes! Um, what? When did this happen? lol... I know it may sound a little silly to some people, but I have never been the "stretchy" type, so this was great for me! It really goes to show that with daily practice and gently easing your way into stretching, changes can take effect. I don't think i've ever been this excited for yoga class now!

Last week I also made some really great meals. From the Whole Living cookbook titled Power Foods, I made the Walnut-Crusted Chicken, with Roasted Root Vegetables, and on the weekend as a little treat for my boyfriend and I, I made the Walnut & Flaxseed Banana Bread. Cheating a little with the last item there, but I don't feel like i've de-railed myself at all. It was made with healthy ingredients, and now it's back to healthy meals! It's actually kind of nice to not be too hard on yourself if you eat a treat every once and a while (not every day though, lol). I highly recommended this cookbook if you're looking for some great recipes. Everything was so easy, I can't wait to try a few more out this week!

Photos: Scanned by myself - Wendell T. Webber, Kate Sears, and Johnny Miller for Power Foods.


escapade said...

It's those little milestones that are just so exciting, isn't it?

I do the roasted root vegetables quite often but would LOVE to try the chicken - looks absolutely amazing!

(have some banana ripe + ready to bake with tomorrow too! ;) )

The Charlie Press said...

Aww good for you Daniella! And I'm still doing it... I had a little bit of a set back on Friday night... and just been eatting right ever since... but it's really incredible how different I felt when I started introducing some of the other foods back in... kinda crazy. And Yoga has been fantastic... I got to do it twice this week! (normally it's just wednesday nights too)... but doing it on a Sunday morning was a total different experience and totally impacted the rest of my day.. wish i could do it everyday. lol! Good luck! The meals you made sound yummy!

The Charlie Press said...

oh... p.s. I started another blog... but it's not quite there yet... The Charlie Press... still working it out... and forsome reason my google account is automatically signing me in as The Charlie Press.. lol... -amanda

Daniella said...

Shar - It totally is about the little things! lol... you should definitely try the chicken - it was SO easy!

Amanda - Yes! I figured this out! That's exciting! And a fun name too, lol...

You totally do feel different eating certain foods eh? It's pretty cool when you think about it, but totally makes sense! I had some dark chocolate covered berries today, just a few, a wee bit of a slip up, but it was kind of a bit too much of a sugary rush... back to more healthy snacks!

MandyJean said...

That's awesome that you were able to bend down and touch your toes with straight legs! It's one of my goals to do that someday. I've always had the slight disadvantage of long legs and short arms, which makes it difficult. I know it's not impossible though, so I'm going to keep trying! Way to go!

Miz.November said...

I am so proud of you! You are rocking this thing out, girl.
I can sure tell when I haven't been eating right or working out enough. Once you get used to it, your body craves it.

Daniella said...

MandyJean - Thanks! It's totally possibly for anyone! At least I know that now, lol! Good luck!

Miz.November - Thank you! I was pretty excited about it, lol... you totally crave it though, how true.