so far, so good...

So far the Whole Living 28-Day Challenge has been great! I've been making healthy meals, snacks, and drinking a lot of water with lemon. The yoga exercises in the morning are actually pretty refreshing in a way. They're not too strenuous or anything, so it's a nice way to get going in the morning. I missed walking yesterday night, but I had an hour yoga class across the street. Great, as always! I've also managed to stay away from sugary treats... free Scottish chocolate in the office, Starbucks mini vanilla scones... ahh! So yummy, but so, so bad with all that crazy sugar. I'm actually pretty proud of myself.

It's a nice change to be mindful of what you're eating, thinking, "what will this do for my body?". That chocolate biscuit may taste delicious with a cup of tea, but do I really need it? Will it help towards a happier and healthier wellbeing? No. I think it's as simple as getting over those kinds of temptations. I really want this to be my healthiest year yet, and while I may fall off the wagon here or there (expected, we're not perfect), I definitely want to stay mindful of what i'm eating and how much i've been moving and stretching.

I have to say though, how great is an early bedtime? I've been moving my bed time up a little earlier each night and it's really beneficial. I know when that first yawn rolls around, that it doesn't mean stay up a little later, it means get to bed asap! lol...

So, I think that's what i'm going to go do now! Have a great night everyone and hope the first new week of the year has treated you well... would love to hear how your resolutions are are going!


NicoleLynn said...

Is there any easy way [PDF form] for the entire 28-day challenge that you know of?? OR just by me signing up for their newsletter will I get it?

How is it going so far, you like it??
Let me know your thoughts!
Thanks =)

Daniella said...

Hi NicoleLynn!

The 28-Day challenge is available as a PDF, with the exercises and eating, but not including the daily challenges, that's the email part. It should be on the Whole Living site, but if you can't find the download let me know, I have the PDF saved somewhere.

I loved it though! It was really great participating at the very beginning of the year when it all started with everyone, but you can really do it anytime! I really love the yoga at the beginning of the day :)